People and competencies

The main strategic resource of the company is people

A business starts with an idea. Best ideas turn into strategy. A business strategy can only be implemented by people - people with strong competencies. The most important strategic resource of any company is a team - competent, motivated, unique. It is the team who does accompanies the business, makes and implements decisions. Those decisions, which directly impact effectiveness, success and prosperity of the company.


We are architects of organizational structures, experts in assessment of both - the potential and competencies of people. We work out talent development programs, we are moderators of productive strategic sessions, we hire the best team. TRIANGLUM is your reliable partner in the implementation of HR system tools in the rapidly changing business world.

  • Conduct an independent audit, describe functions and roles of employees;
  • Develop an optimal functional structure based on the best global and industry practices;
  • Assess competencies of employees and recommend the best position within the organization.
  • Create a secure environment for experience, knowledge and information exchange;
  • Make values and corporate culture clear for people to lead the way and make new achievements;
  • «Assess competencies of employees and recommend their topflight development within the organization»;
  • «Implement the system of internal and external communication based on benchmark communication channels»;
  • Introduce "management by objectives" system to accomplish the company strategy;
  • Implement system of regular performance evaluation for each employee;
  • Create a system of incentives based on salary and compensation packages surveys.
  • Provide talent mapping on key positions in the area where our customer is making the business;
  • Select and hire the best professionals available on the market.
People development
  • Evaluate competencies of potential employees;
  • Design talent development programs, succession and career planning;
  • Provide training on effective management, mentoring and leadership (15 programs);
  • Implement digital format of personnel training and evaluation.