Operational and strategic purchasing

Operational activity is the corner stone of business, Strategy is the way to achieve the company's vision

Nowadays Purchasing is becoming the key function of the organization, covering from 30 to 70% of the turnover, therefore, directly influencing financial stability, profitability and competitiveness of the company.

Expertise of TRIANGLUM - practical experience in the procurement of the automotive industry and engineering, the oil and gas industry, metallurgy, microelectronics and the FMCG sector.

Localization and import substitution

This is a key challenge to the Russian economy and industry. Over the past decades, the goverment has created a number of favorable conditions to stimulate the entry of leading international companies and suppliers into the Russian market.

This, including the adaptation of a product, service or technology to the Russian market, customer and legislation.

«New production means a new corporate culture, quality standards, and product assortment, which in turn develops and stimulates Russian manufacturers to increase their own competitiveness»

Localization may take the form of subcontracting production, license agreement, own production, joint venture. Each of these forms implies a complex integration process and requires knowledge of specifics of the country, regional preferences and methods of governmental support.

TRIANGLUM expertise

We act upon 15 years of experience in localization of high-tech industries and supporting complex import substitution projects. We understand and constantly monitor the market, provide our clients with both expert advice and full support of projects for the location of production in the Russian Federation.

Quality and lean manufacturing

A well-established Quality Management System and the implemented lean manufacturing concept are integral elements of a successful company.

The Quality Management System ensures the stability of products or services, increases the satisfaction of customers and employees.

Lean manufacturing improves efficiency through a continuous loss elimination process.

TRIANGLUM has extensive practical experience in implementing lean manufacturing tools and developing a quality management system at hundreds of production sites both in Russia and abroad.


People and competencies

A business starts with an idea. Best ideas turn into strategy. A business strategy can only be implemented by people - people with strong competencies. The most important strategic resource of any company is a team - competent, motivated, unique. It is the team who does accompanies the business, makes and implements decisions. Those decisions, which directly impact effectiveness, success and prosperity of the company.


We are architects of organizational structures, experts in assessment of both - the potential and competencies of people. We work out talent development programs, we are moderators of productive strategic sessions, we hire the best team. TRIANGLUM is your reliable partner in the implementation of HR system tools in the rapidly changing business world.